Has There Been a Loss or Trauma in Your Life?

“Traumas Happen Every Day – Sometimes Big Like a Death, Loss, or To Us – and Some Smaller Yet Still Traumatic. Would You Like to Learn the Secrets To Finally Feeling Better?”

Finally Get Unstuck and Propel Forward

Are you sick and tired of feeling stuck or held back by past painful life experiences?

Have you ever felt like you do not have control over your own life or circumstances?

Are you stuck in a vicious repeat cycle of unhealthy relationships because deep down, you don’t believe that you deserve better?

Does it feel like your life is ruled by fear and insecurity?

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I get it.

After doing my own healing work and helping my clients through their healing journeys, the patterns of trauma stuckness have become clear. Struggling with insecurities and fear are common reactions to trauma. But they are not the only way.

You can move forward and break free.

I’m Marisa Hughes, an Intuitive Trauma Healer. Many people say that I provide them the best of both worlds. I received my Masters in Social Work from New York University and am trained in EMDR, a highly effective modality for the treatment of trauma. My strong clinical training combined with my intuitive gifts of knowing when and how to dive deeper with my clients have allowed me to facilitate healing at a deeper level, get straight to the core issues with my clients, and ignite true and lasting shifts in their lives. It is my passion to help people get unstuck and remove barriers so that they can be the best version of themselves.

Through diving deeper, letting go of judgement, and rewriting your story, you can break free of your past, no matter how dark it may have been. Your past does not need to define you.

Let’s work together, so I can help you move forward in your life and finally break free of your past. You are only as stuck as you choose to be.

Marisa Hughes, Intuitive Trauma Healer, LCSW
“Helping You Get Unstuck So You Can Propel Forward”

You’ll Discover How To…

  • Connect the dots between your past experiences and your current life struggles
  • Identify your stuck points so that you can release them properly and are no longer be held back by your past
  • Take steps towards healing and finding your power
  • Learn to finally move forward and break free of fear and insecurity
  • Create lasting change by achieving a deeper understanding of yourself

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